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QHA Certification

Quality Hold of Amber Institue

The QHA Institute (Quality Hold of Amber) was established in 2014, and headquartered in London, England, UK.  QHA is the world's first amber rating agency specializing in the authenticity & quality identification of amber.

The QHA Institute laboratory is equipped with the world's most advanced amber detection equipment and staffed with a team of professional experts to rigorously  test the true status of each amber product submitted to the institute.  Each product is tested for authenticity & quality.

Each QHA report will include four aspects, of which a total of 12 + 1 parameters to objectively represent the actual situation of the product. The data indicated by each parameter, will be in the second page to see the corresponding parameter interpretation.

Quality Hold of Amber Sample Report

Due to the special nature of amber, the time changes will have different test results for each amber product's laboratory test results. Therefore, we recommend that all other institutions only adopt the test report within one year.

Please be sure to ensure the safety of the report, if discarded, you can not get more one. When you need a new report about the product, you must submit a new test application.